Stop rat infestation using IOT and sensor technology to monitor rodents

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Rodent Sensor - Ratsense

What RATSENSE Does For You?

RATSENSE is a rodent surveillance system that uses data and the latest IoT technologies to provide impactful insights on rodent activity for effective trap placements and efficient long-term rodent risk management.

2020-11-12Track The General Rodent


The directional entry points of rodents in the building


The rodent population and highlight spikes in activity

Set Up

An early warning system in case of a population surge

7-layersIdentify Hotspots Of Rodent Activity In The Building


The nesting points for rodents; and


Hot spots of rodent activity such as entry and exit points; and


The rodent population from growing rapidly

Copy of Ratsense icon - Implement Effective Rodent Management Programmes


If the rodents are entering or exiting the tenanted spaces


The rodent population right at the source


of existing processes through automation and interpreting of rodent monitoring data


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What Information Does RATSENSE Provide?

Floor Plan With Sensors

  • Group 82@1X Users will be able to login to view the information of    each sensor placed on the floorplan.

Data Analytics Reports

  • surface1@1X (2)Data analytics reports are generated to highlight the rodent activity so necessary actions can be taken.   

  • ORIGIN has a Data Analyst on staff to analyse and interpret data so that we can drive a more effective rodent management programme. He will conduct trend analysis of rodent monitoring data, to provide useful information that you can understand. 

Rodent Control Strategies


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RATSENSE was conceived to overcome the perennial problem with rodents in the urban environment. The biology and evolution of the creature's habit and behavious requires a more scientific approach to eradication.

The more data you have, the easier it is to find an effective solution to any problem.

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Rats have been infecting humans with a new strain of Hepatitis. Scientists still do not know how the virus has been transmitted. We need ongoing vigilance in the public to control rodents to prevent this unusual infection.



Rats don't obey human territories. Both individual tenants and entire shopping malls need to work together to prevent the negative brand image. We set traps according to data and don't place them indiscriminately, this can result in a cost reduction.

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Automation aims to reduce downtime. Digitalisation of rodent control, helps in minimising human interaction. This increases your health and safety standards.

RATSENSE  A smart sensor system for rodents

Case Study 
New Restaurant

New Restaurant


  • Newly renovated restaurant, rodent exclusion done where necessary and possible. Don't expect any rodent issue.


  • 20 devices


  • Even when premise has gone through a complete renovation exercise, it will always be susceptible to rodent intrusion as gaps (unseen or created over time) will appear.
  • Rodents will find a way (or opening) into food establishment (to be near food source).
  • Monitoring and data provides restaurant owner with early intrusion detection before escalation into a full- blown public health and food hygiene disaster.


Why now is a good time to implement RATSENSE

  • Funding support from the government up to 80%.
  • Support COVID Business Continuity Plans, where attendance on-site is needed only when required.
  • Current norms and practices may be inadequate to manage and control rodents post COVID.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us!

I think what the team at RATSENSE has done and developed is much commendable. We at Pine Garden's Cake look forward to further innovations and development using IOT on the front of pest control as rodents are getting "smarter" and more elusive. As such, more advanced monitoring system is needed to make sure that the food and beverages industry is better equipped to counter and make sure food hygiene standards are upheld at its highest level. 

Pine Garden's Cake 

Our challenge in pest and vector control in Changi Airport is the lack of skilled pest control technicians and the vast real estate to be maintained (i.e. >1,000,000 m2). In addition, government levy, foreign labour quota and progressive wage models make over reliance on manpower an unsustainable contract management model. Hence, at CAG, we have been exploring and experimenting with technology in the FM sphere for several years. We support the co-existent of technology and our talented workforce in our FM operations.

Changi Airport Group
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